Bible Drill 2022







April 3rd Youth Drill, at Gilead registration begins 5:30, Drills begin at 6:30

April 26, Children Drill, at Gilead registration begins 6:30, Drills begin at 7:30



 April 30, State youth Bible Drill at Gilead Baptist. Registration at 9:30, Drills begin at 10:30.

May 21, Childrens Drill, Regional State at Gilead, registration 9:30, Drills begin at 10:30.


Please Email Mrs. Ramona Jeffries to confirm your church will be sending drillers. 


 For 2022 additional Bible Drill information, please email Mrs. Ramona Jeffries,

For 2022 References and Key passages, review the Blue Cycle.  Drill Bibles are either KJV or Christian Standard Bible.


 link to download verses