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This short video focuses on teens but also gives a common picture of substance abuse issues. Information to increases our awareness on how to pray and give Biblical solutions to those who may be struggling with or considering some form of Substance abuse.

Teen Health: Substance Use and Abuse 


Greetings from the LAB Recovery Ministry 

We want to help LAB churches, families, and members.

This is to help families that may be dealing with discovering a struggle with addiction now.

It shares 10 signs.  Just as we understand the power of prayer is needed for other physical illness, we still recognize signs of a stroke and other issues.

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Rev Silas Session 

LAB Recovery Ministry


Here are key component to the treatment aspect of recovery.  Like any struggle or addiction,

Christ is needed every step of the process through His Word, will, way, worship, witness. 

We supply resources for those seeking to overcome substance abuse. 
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We are thankful for your desire to share the Word of God through faithful teaching in the Lincoln Association of Baptist.  The LAB Recovery Ministry is providing a unique opportunity to minister to individuals who are in dire need of the transformation power of the Word.  The number of people struggling with substance abuse is climbing at rapid rates.  The recovery professionals are needed and have a solid approach to help anyone struggling with addiction but you and I know the true need of addiction and all problems is the power of the Word of God.  Fear not, if you are interested we will prepare you, but know that you do not need to be a recovery professional or have experience with struggling addiction.  We need committed disciples to share the Word, will, and way of God.

If you would like to be apart of this mission field or have additional questions, please contact me at 2543192050,



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