Pastor Supply List
Ron Burgess 270-877-2232
Jerry Adamson 270-230-8994
Don Flanigan 270-369-9049
Roger McGuffin 270-360-9320
Al Hardy 270-409-5705
Silas Session 254-319-2050
Randy Edwards 803-351-2455
Rodney Troutman 270-765-9726
Mike Williams 270-401-1440
Jason Logsdon 502-249-1656
David Akers 270-469-5957
Scott Savell 618-795-3398
Jonathan Gann 615-943-5819
Todd Milford 270-234-3811
These names and contact information are offered without prejudice. They are not being recommended from the association to our churches, but are simply offered for your consideration.