ECTC Food Pantry

We are honored to partner with ECTC’s The Lunch Box, located in the JSO building of ECTC.  This ministry is for those who cannot afford lunch. 

Please share with your church.  Your members may drop the donations off at the Association office, 500 College Street Road between the hours of 10:00-2:00, Monday through Thursday. 

ECTC Food pantry Need:
All items should be individually packaged, if possible.

Jerky (preferably the healthier kind, as opposed to “Slim Jims”
Sun Chips
Fruit cups
Pop Tarts
Bags of oranges (we haven’t tried to offer fruit yet, but oranges keep well and are self-packaged)
Trail mix
Dried fruit
“Protein packs” that offer combos like chickpeas/chocolate/jerky/nuts/etc.
Granola bars and fruit bars
Cup o’noodles/shells and cheese cups
Tampons/menstrual pads

Toothbrushes and tooth paste