Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you will take a moment to browse the appropriate tabs regarding our ministries and opportunities. The Lincoln Association of Baptists exists to assist churches in proclaiming the Gospel to the lost, equipping the Saints, and ministering to people in Christ’s name. Churches located in two counties serve in cooperation with each other to enhance fellowship, promote Biblical values and doctrine, and assist one another in accomplishing each church’s respective mission.

As an Association:

  • we can do together what no single church can do by herself. Together, we can serve the total geographic area when we serve in cooperation with each other.
  • we serve together on local ministries, thus helping each other to accomplish common mission responsibilities. We teach and model cooperation when we serve together.
  • we provide training and assist in developing church members by involving them in leadership and service responsibilities. The Association provides conferences, seminars, and training opportunities each year which enable church staff to develop believers, witness to the lost, and minister to the hurting.
  • we provide pastors and staff the opportunities for fellowship. Through these fellowship times, church staff discovers that they are not alone in ministry. They learn that they can have a support system through the Association.